Providing 360° marina management solutions. That’s what we do at US Marina Group. From advisory roles to operational and asset oversight, we manage every aspect of your marine facility. Included is the responsibility of marketing those marinas and website and social media development.

Often a marina is part of a real estate development. Some of these properties are private residences, while others are resorts, or a combination of the two. The property’s website will include information about their marina, but in most cases, we find it necessary to create a website specifically for the marina. This allows us to give the marina the attention it deserves.

As with any type of successful marketing, showcasing what makes the product unique is paramount. Highlighting its special features and going into a level of detail beyond the property’s main website is also a must. In two recent cases, we made sure that the websites shared the same brand attributes of the main website (visual design and tone), so there would be a cohesive look and feel.

Buenaventura Marina, Cocle, Panama







Marina Palms Yacht Club, North Miami, Fla.






As with any modern website, these two are mobile friendly and optimized for fast load time, for boaters using mobile devices without wi-fi. Because of their locations (Panama and Miami), we made it quick and easy to switch from English to Spanish. In the case of Buenaventura Marina, since it is a new marina in an unfamiliar location, we added a video to streamline communications and navigate our entryway.

Websites, digital marketing and social media are commonplace in today’s world, but often overlooked when the marina is part of a bigger development. Don’t let that happen to you.


With offices in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, FL, US Marina Group is a premier 3rd party marina management and advisory company for marinas in the US and abroad.

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